Compromised Credentials are a serious threat!

Compromised-Credentials-Datasheet-Summit-v-5-e1469649650694.jpgCyber criminals are always on the hunt for user and corporate credentials  such as passwords, usernames, e-mail addresses and other forms of identification used by customers, employees, and third parties on your network. With compromised logins, these same cyber criminals can get  into your systems, access valuable data and perform fraudulent transactions.

When your credentials are compromised, the security systems you likely have in place do not know that they have been hacked; they assume that someone with valid credentials has accessed their system. Compromised credentials are the wolf in sheep’s clothing and can be the most dangerous! As security breaches become more sophisticated, organizations need to get smarter about IT security and start playing a little defense!

Play Defense!

Threat Intelligence: Why You Need It 

Protect your systems using Threat Intelligence. Threat Intelligence is the ability to detect someone acting as an authorized insider through the use of compromised credentials. This is done at the database level, in real time, and allows organizations the chance to stop these cyber thieves in their tracks.

Threat intelligence delivers actionable and comprehensive insights that help you reduce security risks and operational costs. You can take defensive actions and protect your business from potential threats. Companies can’t afford to cross their fingers and hope that they will not be a victim. The best defense is to be two steps ahead, with information and monitoring in place.


Cyber Security Defense Tips:

Know When to Change Passwords

A proactive and pre-emptive approach to keeping your network safe.  We can notify you  when one of your user’s accounts has been compromised and have them change their password ASAP!


No direct employee action has to be taken for this added level of security. Every user’s account is monitored in the background and employees are only notified when a breach takes place. No hardware or software installation is required.

Know What's Going On

Threat Intelligence will point out employee email use policy violations  and will identify keylogger or other malware that was installed unknowingly on equipment — find out and mitigate before it becomes a bigger problem! 

Extra Layer of Protection

63% of cyber attacks have leveraged stolen credentials. Having a compromised credentials attack or a security breach of any kind can be costly. Playing a little defense is the best way to keep your business safe!